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Robotis - RC-100B Remote

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Quick overview

Robotis - RC-100B Remote

Robotis - RC-100B Remote

The RC-100 is Robotis Remote Control for Bioloid and OLLO Robots. This remote has been elegantly and ergonomically designed to suit and give hands a better grip.

This version includes de RC-100 only with IR communication. You can optionally install a Robotis Zigbee Set/Pair or Robotis Bluetooth Set/Pair on this Remote to enable Wireless remote control of your Robotis.
The novelty in the RC-100B is the support for the BT-210A module.


  • Supports IR communication and Optionally Zigbee Or Bluetooth communication. (for Zigbee or Bluetooth you'll need to purchase the appropriate Set/pair: Robotis Zigbee Set/Pair or Robotis Bluetooth Set/Pair)
  • Power save mode that automatically turns the unit Off when not in use used for a period of time.
  • The 10 buttons support up to 1023 different button combinations, capable of any kind of combination to control your robot.

Programming the Robot to React to Remote Controls:

You'll need to use Roboplus Action to "teach" the Robot what to do in reaction to each button press and button combinations.
For each button or combination a unique number is sent to the controller indicating which keys are pressed. You simply need to program the Robot to read this data and react.

Robotis makes available sample Task Code Files (TSK files) for all their robot designs. These task files include support for the RC-100 remote and can be used directly or extended to develop your own behaviours.
You can download the sample Task Code files from the Robotis Support site: On the left hand side Navigation menu choose Product Information -> [ Your product name] -> Download and select the shape that you are building to locate the default Task code.

Package Contents
  • Wireless Remote Control (RC-100A) : 1 set
    (2xAA batteries required for Operation. Batteries not included)

H/W Specifications:

  • Weight : 80g
  • Dimension : 138mm * 105mm * 36mm
  • Power
    1. Voltage : 3.0V (DC)
    2. Power : 0.07W
    3. Battery : Alkaline(LR6) AA Battery 2 set (NOT INCLUDED)
  • 11 Buttons (Includes Power/Mode Button)
    ( 1023 different button combinations are supported.  )
  • Communication Method : IR communication (basic)
  • Optional Zigbee communication (adding a Zig100/Zig110A module)
  • Optional Bluetooth Communication (adding BT-100)

Please note: The RC-100 does NOT support IR communication with AX-S1.


Additional Information:

The RC-100B is an upgraded version of RC-100 and RC-100A. The main differentiator in the RC-100B is the for the BT-210A module.


LED Colours and Compatibility Comparison between RC-100 vs. RC-100A:




LED Colour


When using IR comm.



When adding wireless module


Compatible Wireless Modules


ZIG-100 Set



ZIG-110 Set



ZIG-110A Set



BT-110A Set


X BT-210A Set O

EAN / UPC: 8809052932596
Manufacturer part No: 902-0029-002