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Robotis - DYNAMIXEL XW540-T140-R Servo

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Quick overview

The NEW waterproof Servos are here!

DYNAMIXEL XW Series - Waterproof Servo - IP68

The DYNAMIXEL X-Series is a line-up of high-performance networked actuators. Improved Torque, Compact Design, Enhanced Durability, and Expandability.


Basic Features

  • Waterproof - IP68 (1m, 24H)
  • Waterproof cable, hollow stucture
  • Normal Cable, Extension Cable
  • Improved Torque, Compact Design
  • Enhanced Durability and Expandability
  • Hollow Back Case Minimizes Cable Stress (3-Way Wiring)
  • Frames Directly Screwed onto the Case (No Nuts Needed)
  • Improved Aluminum Case Heat Sink
  • Operating Modes
  • Current-Based Torque Control (4096 steps, 2.69mA/step)
  • Profile Control for Smooth Motion Planning
  • Trajectory Data and Moving Status (In-Position, Following Error, etc.)
  • Energy Efficient (Standby Current Reduced from 100mA to 40mA)

  • Model: XW540-T140-R
    Weight : 185g
    Torque : 6.9 N·m [Stall torque]
    Speed : 72 rpm [No load speed]
    Dimensions: 33.5 X 58.5 X 44 (WⅹHⅹD) [mm]
    Motor: Coreless
    IP68 (1m, 24hr)

    For more detailed information, please visit the Product Information page.

    Performance Graph

    The Max Torque and the Stall Torque of Performance Graph are different in measurement methods. Stall torque is a measured value of the momentary torque that it can reach. This is generally how RC servos are measured. The Performance graph is also called as N-T curves, which is measured with the gradually increasing load. The actual motor operation environment is closer to the performance graph, not stall torque method. For this reason, the performance graph is broadly used in the industrial field. Generally, Max Torque of the Performance Graph is less than the Stall Torque.


    Item Specifications
    MCU ARM CORTEX-M3 (72 [MHz], 32Bit)
    Position Sensor Contactless absolute encoder (12Bit, 360 [°])
    Maker : ams(, Part No : AS5045
    Motor Coreless(Maxon)
    Baud Rate 9,600 [bps] ~ 4.5 [Mbps]
    Control Algorithm PID control
    Resolution 4096 [pulse/rev]
    Backlash 15 [arcmin] (0.25 [°])
    Operating Modes Current Control Mode
    Velcoity Control Mode
    Position Control Mode (0 ~ 360 [°])
    Extended Position Control Mode (Multi-turn)
    Current-based Position Control Mode
    PWM Control Mode (Voltage Control Mode)
    Weight 185 g
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 33.5 x 58.5 x 45.9 mm
    Gear Ratio 145.6 : 1
    Stall Torque 6.4 [N.m] (at 11.1 [V], 4.5 [A])
    6.9 [N.m] (at 12.0 [V], 4.9 [A])
    8.3 [N.m] (at 14.8 [V], 5.9 [A])
    No Load Speed 67 [rev/min] (at 11.1 [V]
    72 [rev/min] (at 12.0 [V]
    88 [rev/min] (at 14.8 [V])
    Radial Load 40 [N] (10 [mm] away from the horn)
    Axial Load 20 [N]
    Operating Temperature -5 ~ +80 [°C]
    Ingress Protection rating IP 68
    Input Voltage 10.0 ~ 14.8 [V] (Recommended : 12.0 [V])
    Command Signal Digital Packet
    Protocol Type RS485 Asynchronous Serial Communication
    (8bit, 1stop, No Parity)
    Physical Connection RS485 Multidrop Bus
    ID 253 ID (0 ~ 252)
    Feedback Position, Velocity, Current, Realtime tick, Trajectory, Temperature, Input Voltage, etc
    Part Material Full Metal Gear / Full Metal Case
    Standby Current 40 [mA]

    Package Components

    XW540-T140-R 1
    HN13-N105 1
    Robot Cable-WP 1000mm 1
    Robot Cable-WP 1000mm(Extension) 1
    Wrench Bolt WB M2.5x5 16
    Wrench Bolt WB M2.5x4 10
    Wrench Bolt WB M3x10 1

    Compatible Products

    Controller : OpenCM9.04 485 Expansion Board, OpenCR1.0

    Interface : USB2Dynamixel, U2D2

    Factory Default Settings

    ID : 1

    Baud Rate : 57600bps

    (User can change various settings including ID and baud rate according to environment)

    Waterproof Cabling

    Performance Comparison


    DYNAMIXEL XW series use a waterproof cable.

    One side has a waterproof connector and the other side has a JST connector.

    Extension cable has waterproof connectors for both sides.

    The OpenCR controller has a JST connector for direct connection, but since the OpenCM9.04 + OpenCM 485 expansion board only has a Molex connector, a conversion cable must be used by utilizing U2D2 PHB.


  • e-Manual
  • Drawing
  • Software
  • Compatibility Guide
  • Selection Guide

  • EAN / UPC: 8809677570159
    Manufacturer part No: 902-0160-000